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Rachel and Randy Collett moved to Marion in August of 2014. Randy has roots in Marion and moved back to tend to the farm and Rachel was along for the ride. To pass the time one day, she made a batch of bierocks and took them to the Farm and Art Market in Central Park to sell. They sold out almost instantly and orders started streaming in. In June 2016, Rachel opened the doors to CB Baked Goods, so named for CB Wheeler, the original builder of the 420 East Main Street building where Rachel and Randy reside upstairs.

Randy and Rachel Collett - CB Baked Goods - Marion, KS Bakery

Also sometimes called runzas, a bierock is a yeast-dough pocket usually containing a mixture of ground beef, onions, and cabbage or sour kraut. They are baked until golden-brown and can be eaten as a hand-held snack or served with butter and salt on top and eaten with a fork (try it - it's delicious!). Bierocks probably originated in Eastern Germany or Russia and were brought to the United States by German Russian Mennonite immigrants.

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While we wish there was a rich history behind bolsos like there is with bierocks.....we made them up! It's the same concept: a made-from-scratch dough pocket with a savory filling. Bolsos contain anything from ham, leek, and cheese to pizza toppings. Check the "Baked Goods" section to see our more recent concotions and offerings!

CB Baked Goods - Marion, KS Bakery
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